Sunday, February 28, 2010

Would you believe?

While watching Sunday Morning on CBS, I discovered two really clever, unique new products. I'm always amazed by man's creativity and these ideas are truly awesome. The first concept is called Batter Blaster, which dispenses pancake batter in a spray can. BB has its own web site with a catchy little tune that pops out as soon as you click the link. "Make a better breakfast faster ... Batter Blaster!" This product makes beautiful, perfect pancakes from organic pancake and waffle batter in a convenient pressurized can (think Reddi-Wip but not Cheez-it). Through some serious hard work and ingenuity, a man named Sean O'Connor has turned this into a bestseller. The contents of the canister are all organic; there are no preservatives. It's kept refrigerated, so it's nothing like shelf-stable cheese in a can. It's remarkably easy to use; no bowls, whisks, or measuring cups to wash. No mess, just a can to throw out. You can purchase an 18 oz. can for $4.99 at Whole Foods on Grand Avenue in St. Paul. I realize this isn't for everyone. I know most of you will continue to make your own wonderful, fluffy home-made pancakes, using the economical ingredients already on your kitchen shelf. But just think how nice this would be when your children make breakfast for you on Mother's Day!!!

The other new product is the Edge Brownie Pan, developed by Matt Griffin. He solved the age-old problem of how to bake perfect brownies. Let me explain. Everyone loves brownies, right? Some people prefer the moist centers while others prefer those wonderful, chewy edges. But you can usually only get one or the other using a conventional pan. If you really love lots of those fabulous chewy edges and a moist center, you’ll love this pan. It's the only gourmet brownie pan that adds two chewy edges to every serving. The pan’s sides circulate heat evenly to the pan’s middle, where food typically takes longer to bake. The recessed handles allow the pan to be gripped when turned upside-down. It comes with a custom spatula and recipes/instructions. It's sized to fit box mixes and recipes for 9 by 9-inch or 9 by 13-inch pans. I've never been an "either or" kind of gal when it comes to brownies ... I love the luscious soft centers AND the delectable chewy edges. This remarkable pan sells for about $34.99 and can be ordered at


  1. The batter blaster pic totally reminds me of Mad Men - very 1960 advertising. I like it. But I'm in love w/ the brownie edge pan - I love the edges!

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  3. oops, sorry about that.

    noah bought the batter blaster (on sale, no less, at a buck a can) and made them;
    he swears no one can do any better.

    that was just after he finished sewing on his buttons:)

  4. my birthday is coming up:)