Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sharing Summer's Bounty

A neighbor dropped off these gorgeous Heirloom tomatoes. She grew them at the Eleanor Graham Community Garden, about two blocks from here.

This tiny garden area, situated on a small triangle of green space tucked between Hamline Avenue and Ayd Mill Road, consists of thirty-six garden plots for growing vegetables and flowers. There's a new composting system managed by the volunteers, a new watering system with eight taps, and an orchard of hardy fruit trees. This community garden is home to some fifty gardeners. If you live in the Midway area, I bet you've passed it dozens of times. I go right by it every time I head over to Super Target.

Gardeners pay $25 per season for a full plot (25 x 15 feet) and $15 for a half-plot. Besides tending their own plots, gardeners commit two hours a month to improving the garden’s common space.

I've actually been in this neighborhood long enough (38 years) to remember Eleanor Graham. She lived a few blocks from me, and was passionate about the neighborhood. She had some serious health problems and had to use a scooter chair. But that didn't stop her from checking on everyone and everything going on around her. I'm glad they named the community garden in her honor.


  1. Wonderful that you have such a well thought out space! I tried to find a garden space in my small town and they were completely disinterested in a community garden. Too bad.

    1. Katrina: There are actually several community gardens in this area. I am very impressed!