Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Ladies Luncheon ...

My very remarkable mother will be 90 in September. My birthday gift to her is several small parties, with a few close friends at each, hosted at my home. She has trouble hearing and I hope small group settings will be better than lunch at a fancy restaurant. Yesterday was Party Number One. I set the table with vintage Bavarian china and Grand Baroque flatware. The menu was simple: quiche, a tossed salad, wonderful cranberry flax rolls from Breadsmith, and my world famous sun tea. My awesome sister-in-law, Sharon, brought dessert: old-fashioned Lemon Fluff. The centerpiece was a big "puff" of delicate Baby's Breath arranged in a crystal ice tub.


  1. wow. how nice.
    my birthday's in February....

    1. Liadan: Already planning your 90th birthday par-tay! Gonna be a humdinger!