Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Calling All Grandma's!

This little treat might be more appropriate for Halloween but I couldn't wait that long to make them. Nora and I made Cracker Spiders at snack time this morning. They were so much fun! She was very good at spreading the peanut butter on the crackers. And she excelled at eating them! We sang Itsy-Bitsy Spider while we put our creepy critters together!

To Make: Spread peanut butter between two round crackers, put pretzel sticks on each side and top with two raisins eyes (use a little more peanut butter to make them stick).

Note: It really annoys my inner perfectionist that those raisin eyes are different colors, especially since photo ops with a 2 year old can be tricky! Looks like the spider has a black eye!

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