Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bonjour Spring!

All through the long winter,
I dream of my garden.

On the first day of spring,
I dig my fingers deep into the soft earth.

I can feel its energy,
and my spirits soar. ~Helen Hayes

It's been a very long winter here, with over 80 inches of snow and lots of bitter cold days, but spring is finally on the way back to Minnesota. According to my calendar, today is the first day of spring, although it will be a few more weeks until it actually arrives. So I'm still day-dreaming about springtime and gardening, and nothing says spring better than beautiful blossoming flowers. I'm excited to plant my pansies, a cool-weather flower and one of the early annuals I put out every year. That probably won't happen until the middle of May, about 8 weeks away. For now, I'm sharing photos of the pretty little violas and pansies I planted last year.

Mendelssohn : Spring Song

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