Friday, December 3, 2010

Under the heading of "Now I've Seen Everything"

This wins the prize for crazy this month, and it's only December 3! I'm a traditional person and I like traditional things. I appreciate new and different, but I'm more likely to choose the tried and true. But this hot new fad has me baffled! An upside-down Christmas tree! Who ever heard of anything so, um, silly? You may be surprised to learn that upside-down Christmas trees are one of the hottest fads of the season. But notice I called it a fad, as in something that is short-lived. I don't see this taking off in households across America. Rather, it's just another novelty for the Fashionistas to use to shock and grab attention!

The trees have been used by retailers, like the Bibelot Shops here in St. Paul, for several years, for in-store displays, so more ornaments can be arranged at eye level. But upside-down Christmas trees have caught on, and are being sold to the public as a novelty piece. has a version that sells for $399 and comes pre-lit (see above). I also discovered that hanging fir trees upside down isn't a new concept. It goes back to the Middle Ages, when Europeans did it to represent the Trinity.

Upside-down Christmas trees can be hung from the ceiling like a chandelier or stood upside-down in a stand. The upside-down trees allow ornaments to hang a little freer and be much more visible. I kind of like that part of this trend, but I still feel topsy-turvy when I look at pictures of these richly trimmed bottom's up beauties!

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