Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's beginning to look . . .

a lot like Christmas around here!

I spent yesterday trimming the house, and like the song says, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Son Tom comes to town for a work-related visit on Monday and can't be here for the holidays. I decided to get my bedecking done now so we can enjoy an early Merry Christmas celebration next week.

I took a few photos of my decorating handiwork to share with you. I have a nutcracker collection I display in our dining room. I also do a few small table trees. My husband (aka Ebenezer Scrooge) doesn't like to put up Christmas trees anymore and, in my old age, I can't do it alone. I think the little trees look festive and bring holiday cheer to our house. I also put out a vintage Tom & Jerry set although I don't make Tom & Jerry's. Instead, I fill the bowl with old ornaments I've collected. I much prefer serving Brandy Alexanders made with ice cream. The following recipe, from my good friend Gail, is delicious and comes highly recommended . . . by me!

1 cup brandy
2 cups dark creme de cocoa
1 pail vanilla ice cream
Take out 1/2 of softened ice cream and place in a bowl. Put in the liquor and mix well. Add the ice cream back in and stir well (it doesn't quite fit so be prepared to do some tasting). Return to freezer. Just before serving, allow to soften. Ladle into glasses and sprinkle top with ground nutmeg. Kind of messy but worth it! Sorry I don't have a picture. They are quite wonderful!

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