Friday, November 12, 2010

First date . . .

I recently wrote a poem about the first date my husband Tom and I had. It was way, way back in February of 1967 when we were both 19, a blind date arranged by a mutual friend. We went to a Minnesota Gophers hockey game at Williams Arena. We've been together ever since and in May, we'll celebrate our fortieth wedding anniversary! I submitted this poem to Dust & Fire at Bemidji State University in August and last week I got the following response:

"We appreciate your submission to Dust & Fire 2011 and are pleased to notify you that the following work has been accepted for publication in this year's anthology."

She remembers it was snowing
and she wore new leather gloves,
expensive nut-brown kid gloves
from Paris, France, the kind
that fit her fingers snugly
and stretched just the tiniest bit
each time she wore them.
They held hands in the frosty dark
while snowflakes tumbled all around,
some landing in his hair.
Removing her glove to brush them
away, her fingers grazed his cheek.
Little shivers of pleasure fluttered.
Unforgettable, that's what he was.

~Marianne McNamara 2010


  1. Congratulations Marianne! Beautiful news for a beautiful poem.

  2. It is a beautiful poem and they are lucky to have your poem in their anthology!

  3. Congratulations, Maryanne! My story was also accepted. Hope we have nice weather for the launch in March.