Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Halloween Treat ...

Halloween is a special time for kids and grownups alike. It's a chance to be someone you're not, perhaps someone you've always wanted to be, like a pretty princess or a superhero or even a gorilla. I remember one year my brother Joe rented a gorilla suit for Halloween. This was probably when he was in his late twenties. On his way to the party, he stopped at a grocery store to buy a bunch of bananas and was an instant hit.

Halloween Trail Mix is an easy and yummy treat. I think Candy Corn by itself is too sweet, but mixed with peanuts, it tastes like a Salted Nut Roll. To make a bowl for nibbling, just combine peanuts with candy corn. I added chocolate-yogurt covered raisins. You could add lots of other fun ingredients: banana chips, tiny pretzels, chocolate chips, pecans, cashews ... well, you get the idea! Add the things your ghosts and goblins like and it will be a hit!

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