Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sweets for the Sweet from Sweets ...

Cupcakes and macarons are big business these days. I know I've already mentioned this wonderful little bakeshop at 2042 Marshall Avenue here in St. Paul, where you can get exquisite cupcakes and French macarons. Sweets Bakeshop bakes from scratch daily, using natural, local ingredients whenever possible. They are committed to making the best hand-crafted baked goods and their goodies are amazing! My daughter recently brought me a sweet treat I felt compelled to photograph for you before I genteelly nibbled each one down to crumbs. It was a gastronomic moment to savor! The pink concoction on the left is a Bourbon Caramel macaron (Bourbon ganache and caramel cream), the green one in back is a Mint Basil macaron (Chocolate ganache infused with fresh mint and basil) and the little blue one, my personal favorite, is a Salted Caramel macaron (Caramel cream and fleur de sel). The caramel is heavenly!

For those of us not familiar with Fleur de sel ("flower of salt" in French), it is a hand-harvested sea salt collected by workers who scrape only the top layer of salt from large salt pans before it sinks to the bottom. Traditional French fleur de sel is collected off the coast of Brittany. The name Fleur De Sel comes from the aroma of violets that develops as the salt dries. Only the premium, top layer of the salt bed is used. Oh my! Who knew? It sounds so lavishly extravagant, doesn't it? Perfect for these spectacular treats from Sweets! Hope you can stop by ... you won't be sorry!

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