Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's Almost "Poem In Your Pocket Day!"

It's almost national Poem In Your Pocket Day and as a lover of poetry and a writer of poems, I find the concept very exciting!

What, you may be asking right this very minute, is a Poem In Your Pocket Day anyway? Thursday, April 29, 2010, has been designated national PIYP day. The idea is simple: select a poem you love and then carry it with you on April 29. You can share it with your co-workers, family and friends. Hopefully, hundreds upon hundreds (dare I say thousands upon thousands) of pocket poems will be carefully unfolded, smoothed out and read throughout the day, all across the country!

You can find the perfect poem by browsing your local library or bookstore. Or google your favorite poet and print a poem off your computer.

Poem In Your Pocket Day has been celebrated in New York City every April since 2002. Parks, bookstores, workplaces and other venues observe the day with open readings of poems from pockets. Even the Mayor has been known to read a poem on the radio.

This is the first year I plan to carry a poem in my pocket. I haven't made my final selection yet. It will possibly be something from Barbara Crooker. She's one of my favorite contemporary poets. I'm also a huge fan of anything written by Robert Frost. There are so many incredible choices ... YIKES! I better start looking right now, tonight. How am I ever going to narrow it down to just one poem?

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