Thursday, March 18, 2010

On Strong Women ...

A friend sent me the link for this beautiful video. It's an amazing taped essay by Kelly Corrigan about the remarkable capacity women have "to support each other, to laugh together, and to endure" which her publisher videotaped and posted on Youtube. The video has received well over 4 million views to date. It's a tribute to Corrigan's mom and the women she surrounded herself with.

Ms. Corrigan is a writer and newspaper columnist living in the San Francisco Bay area. Her columns have appeared in print, online and notably in the January 2009 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine. Her first book, The Middle Place, is a memoir about her Irish-American father’s battle with cancer and her own triumph over the disease. Shortly after her own battle with breast cancer, she launched, a how-to web site for friends and family of women with the disease. The website includes a photo album of her own struggle against breast cancer.

This video is a wonderful testimony to women and their resilience. After watching it several times, I knew I wanted to share it here. I thought of the millions of strong women all over the world – their amazing strength to endure, overcome, and keep on going to make things better! To all my girlfriends, I love you and I couldn't make it through this incredible journey called life without you!

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