Sunday, February 21, 2010

No shy wallflower ...

Walking into Cub yesterday, I was greeted by a stunning assortment of rainbow colored primroses! The Primrose is a spectacularly vivid spring blooming perennial flower. Unlike most of the delicate pastels associated with spring, primroses shout out in bold yellows, reds, pinks and blues. I wanted to buy each small pot I saw; they were all so beautiful!

Primroses will brighten any shady corner in your yard. They look especially good massed under a tree or in a rocky setting. Primroses are a good choice for the north side of a house or as an early spring ground cover under foundation shrubs.

Being spring bloomers, primroses favor cool, moist, shady sites. They require some shade and water during the heat of summer, which is why they are so often grown under trees. Primroses favor rich, slightly acidic soil. You should always purchase primroses in bloom, to guarantee the color and style.

We're still many weeks away from planting anything outside here in Minnesota. But a few pots of these little charmers positioned around your house are guaranteed to brighten even the dreariest day with warm thoughts of spring!


  1. love. love. love. hurry up, spring!

  2. How'd you know I've been moping around the house, waiting for the snow to melt (hopefully only two more months to go)? I need some flowers, stat!