Monday, February 22, 2010

Holy Cow ... it's basebal season again!

Pitchers, catchers and a few other players trickled into the Minnesota Twins' clubhouse in Fort Myers, FL, yesterday, signaling the return of baseball for the 2010 season. Baseball is still the great American pastime. It's a favorite summertime tradition that inspires millions of Americans. My mom, at 87, is a devoted follower of the Twins. She knows all the players, as well as their stats, and can discuss the game with the best of the boys!

I grew up with the gravelly voiced Halsey Hall, a member of the original Minnesota Twins baseball broadcast team for WCCO. He did the play-by-play announcing for the Twins on hundreds of summer nights and was the first person ever to use the expression "Holy Cow!" on a baseball broadcast.

If you're feeling left out of conversations at family parties or around the water cooler at work, I've got a great (edgy) new baseball blog for Twins' fans to check out, Minnesota SmallBall. It may even help you have a greater appreciation of the game!

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