Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My "Grandma" Basket ...

A dear and thoughtful friend gave me this amazing gift basket chock full of good things. She called it a "Grandma Basket" and it's one of the most remarkable presents I've ever received. She filled it with rattles and toys, teething rings and books, diapers and outlet plug covers. Each item was tied to the basket with a different colored ribbon, so it was truly a dazzling sight to behold. The idea is that all the little goodies stay here at Grandma's house and my granddaughter gets to play with them when she comes to visit! It's absolutely perfect!

I can't wait until Nora is old enough for me to read to her. So far, I just sing and tell her silly little stories I make up. And sweet baby (9 weeks) that she is, she actually seems to like my voice!


  1. Very nice gift! Grandma. :0)

  2. Fantastic gift, I may steal this idea! I'm a bit envious of that gingerbread mix too - there's a petition going around to get TJ in Fargo...at least that would be a little closer for me in Bis.