Saturday, May 2, 2009

This is dedicated ...

Way back in 1967, The Mama's and The Papa's (one of my favorite groups) re-recorded the song,"This Is Dedicated To The One I Love." And since yesterday was our 38th wedding anniversary, I thought it was a perfect caption for this photo of me with my honey, husband, Tom. The photo was taken the day we got engaged, when we were both 21! Our engagement lasted a long two and a half years and we were a whopping 23 when we said "I do!" If you do the math, that means we're O*L*D now!!! We celebrated by having a late lunch (dinner for anyone over 50) at a Minneapolis institution, Murray's Restaurant, also known as the home of "the silver butterknife steak!" Murray's is older than I am, plus it's classic and elegant, the perfect spot for a special dinner on the town!