Thursday, September 6, 2012

In My Neighborhood . . .

Little front yard libraries, housed in bird-house-like-structures, have been popping up all around St. Paul. As a writer, avid reader and lover of books, I am hugely impressed by this brilliant grass-roots movement. Started by two men in Wisconsin, the idea is to share your extra books with the people in your neighborhood by leaving them in weather-protected "library" boxes. There are actually two Little Library boxes down the street from here. The sign at one says: "Take a book or leave a book or both." I noticed copies of Old Yeller and Fast Food Nation when I stopped to snap a picture. I would love to have one in my front yard! I have so many books and it would be a great way to recycle them.

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  1. I am SO sharing this with a friend of mine. love this idea.