Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cool down in style . . .

KOOL Ice Cubes
It's still HOT HOT HOT here in Minnesota. Nothing tastes better to me on a really hot day than an icy cold glass of water. I saw a post about these ice cubes on someone else's blog and knew I had to make them. I used mint leaves from the garden and blueberries from the fridge. The cubes look great in all kinds of beverages, but I especially like to use them to fancy up sparkling water and lemonade.
Mint Ice Cubes: Add several mint leaves to each ice cube section, fill tray with water and freeze

Blueberry Ice Cubes: Add fresh blueberries to water and freeze.
You can do the same thing with lemon slices or lime slices. Raspberries and smallish strawberries would work, too! Now I must try cucumber water!

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