Saturday, May 5, 2012

Where is the spring that lasts forever?

In case you missed it, April was National Poetry Month. Along with hundreds (perhaps thousands?) of poets, I wrote one poem a day for each day of April (NaPoWriMo). 30 days = 30 poems. It was a grueling experience. Some days I sizzled. Other days I fizzled! That's how it goes.

In The Alley
Spring unfurls one petal at a time,
purply-blue violets peep
in the narrow space between
garage and trash bin,
royal purple lilacs hold court
in the alley behind my house,
branches bowed under
a crown of blooms.
I stagger like a drunkard from
one side of the alley to the other,
pull down heavy clusters of blossoms,
bury my face in Tyrian purple,
search for the spring
that lasts forever.

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