Sunday, January 15, 2012

Decorate With Vintage Suitcases

Decorating with vintage suitcases is a hot trend right now. I love the romantic look and feel of them. They're a fun way to add flair to your home. My daughter was fortunate to get several pieces of old luggage from a friend who was down-sizing. The suitcases add a layer of whimsy and style to the vibe of her living room. You can pile them in a corner or under a bench. They make handy little night stands. And they're a wonderful place to store things like craft supplies (think yarn), dvd's, blankets, games, even the kid's art work.

Vintage luggage recalls a slower time, when people traveled by boat and train. Start looking now at local estate sales, flea markets and garage sales to find some of these old treasures. I recommend checking eBay as well.

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  1. too funny, i just wrote an article about decorating small spaces for our local paper and the woman i interviewed loves doing this! unfortunately, our local thrift shops have caught on to their popularity and charge accordingly. I'll send you a link to the article when i comes out in feb. ;)