Thursday, September 29, 2011

I've Found A New Love

I've been a huge fan of Zestar! apples since they hit the apple scene a few years ago. Before that, it was the Honey Crisp. Call me fickle, but I have a new apple darling. I tasted a SweeTango apple Tuesday and I'm completely smitten. What an awesome experience!

SweeTango, a blush apple with deep red coloring over a yellow background, is a variety of apple that began showing up in stores the fall of 2009. A cross between Honeycrisp and Zestar! varieties, SweeTango provides its own unique flavor and crunch. The flavor is juicy and sweet with the satisfying “crunch” of a Honeycrisp. SweeTango is a cultivar developed at the University of Minnesota. Breeders spent more than a decade developing this remarkable apple.

I've read that stores across the country are carrying SweeTango apples right now. I found mine at Target, for $2.49 a pound. I promise, they're worth every penny!

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  1. If I see them, I promise to try them out :)