Friday, March 11, 2011

I've got a bug ...

and I think it's called spring fever!

Spring is frustratingly slow to arrive in Minnesota this year. Little by little, signs of spring are starting and it's exciting to watch the slush begin to melt. The weather from now until May will be a mixed bag of ups and downs. April can have days warm enough for ice cream cones and cold enough for snow. And just when you think winter's over and the weather is warming up nicely, the temperature drops. Then rises ... and drops ... and rises ...

But it's March now and the weather is completely predictable: gray, snowy, rainy, melty, slushy and mushy. After getting almost 80 inches of snow this winter, I'm truly longing for spring. The good news is that spring is only weeks away. But it's definitely in the air and I've got the "throw stuff out" spring cleaning bug. I have decided to take advantage of this in-between time to do some serious decluttering. I always hope that getting rid of s.t.u.f.f will help to simplify my life. And in a small way, it does. It feels great to unload.

When I finally decide to tackle the clutter, it's hard to know where to start. I have convinced myself that I do not need to get it all done in a day or even a week. I have started by going through drawers, a few each day. And my plan is working very well. I don't get sick of the job but I do manage to make progress every day. I'm finding things I haven't seen for a while and that's always a plus. I have several piles and bags going that I contribute to as I make my way through the jumble. One is for my daughter/son, one is for Goodwill and one is for trash.

I just came across a set of Fitz & Floyd Easter chicks (see photos) a friend gave me years ago. It's the perfect season to use them to decorate and I think my granddaughter will love them. That's all the inspiration I need to keep going!


  1. Those little chicks made me grin and then just giggle out loud!

  2. Thanks, Suzie! They have the same effect on me!

  3. There was a cool chick
    who wrote pomes like a diva
    and cooks up a storm
    of both words and fine dishes
    so when's the next pome Mrs?

    (just thought I'd pop in with a fresh tanka that I cooked up for you this morning.)

  4. Cute chicks. I'll bet your granddaughter does love them.