Monday, June 8, 2009

Ode To A Peony

There was an enormous peony bush growing beneath our dining room window when we moved here many (31) years ago. Even though I've divided it several times, it's bloomed every year since then, providing us with incredible beauty as the tight buds unfurl and reward us with magnificent flowers. I wrote this little poem as a tribute.

In my garden I discover a blossom of palest pink
with layers of petals like a ballerina's skirt.
Center of her narcissitic universe, my fair flower
toe-dances on her dark green stem,

bends deeply to perform a grand plie, almost
touching the ground. Unrehearsed, she executes
an impressive pirouette, spins gracefully
in the gentle summer breeze.

Choreographer, I arrive with basket and scissors.
The blades open and close, open and close.
I arrange her last performance in my crystal bowl
and radiant, she takes her final bow.

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