Sunday, May 10, 2009

My brother Mike's Tex-Mex Beans ...

We had a family pot-luck/barbecue at my mom's today ... to celebrate Mother's Day. I love it when "macho" guys cook. My brother Mike (AKA John 'Duke' Wayne) is really proud of his tough guy image AND his baked beans so I asked him to make the beans for our party. These beans are not the from-scratch kind ... they're doctored frozen baked beans ... and they're totally awesome!
Here's his recipe exactly as he told it to me ...

Captain Ken's Firehouse Frozen Beans - as big a package as you want to eat.
Heat up the beans in the micro, drain all excess juice.
Fry up bacon & ground beef (chili ground, if possible). Again as much as you feel a need for.
1 jar of any brand name taco sauce (he likes Ortega). The degree of hotness is up to you. He goes between medium & hot (mild is for sissies.)
1 jar of Ken Davis BBQ Sauce (or any brand will do. He's started to use Famous Dave's Devil Spit, hot but tasty).
Place the drained beans in a crock-pot; mix in the BBQ sauce, taco sauce & fried up beef & bacon. Cut up an onion & toss it in. Mix it all together & heat for as long as it takes.
All brands of BBQ & Taco Sauce work. Captain Ken’s beans are the only beans he's found to do the trick. Use as much or as little as you like. Throw in anything else you find tasty. He's been known to use a bit of Tequila for taste. Texas Beer or some chilies & cheese top off a "heck of a treat."


  1. I've been wanting to try making baked beans! I've never seen capt. ken's beans here, though, where do you find them? ps - also like the post w/ your neighbor's naturalized yard. i want those li'l blue flowers too!

  2. Hi Beth!
    Captain Ken's Firehouse Beans are sold locally here in Minnesota. Not sure if they're sold nationally ... but they should be. They're a great frozen product ...

  3. First off he is no "tough guy", I have never meet a bigger whiner. Second he can only use Tequlia when his sons have not drank it and put the empty bottle back in the pantry.

  4. Now, now nice! ;-)

    They look great to me. I've never heard of Captain Ken's Firehouse Beans either.